Dear Diary (messages from the future)

Exhibited in Love Letters to Feminisms at Trocadero Art Space, Footscray, 2019. Curated by Dr Margaret Mayhew and Dr Nilmini Fernando 

Artwork Statement:

“Taking its title from the private chronicles that is diary writing, Dear Diary (messages from the future) is a reflective piece in which the artist looks back at moments, feelings or emotions from the past, bringing insight from the present to her past self. It encourages reflection on the ways the passage of time, growing up and new perspectives influence our decision making and the way we view ourselves.

With one image for every past year of her life, a combination of text and image give a message to the past self – encouraging self-love, kindness, confidence or encouragement. This act of positivity also reflects on how women often harshly judge themselves or are judged by others and society, throughout their life, undermining their own strength, abilities and beauty. Through its self-reflective nature the work encourages the recognition of our own strengths and weaknesses, something we can then afford to others.”

Amelia Saward, Dear Diary (messages to the future) series, 2019, ink, acrylic and fineliner on paper.

© Amelia Saward 2019